LGE source code released

by Martin Thomas


So I decided on releasing the source code of the Linux Game Engine.

It reflects the state of the engine as seen in this video:

I also won’t be developing it further. The code is released under MIT licence.
I started developing this around 2010 and I learned to code while writing this
engine, so please bear with me, as some of the code might be old…
I’d probably write better code today.
I’m also working with some friends on a new version of this engine called Excessive Engine that is also open-source now on Github.


I don’t have that much time though as I used to, so the development is really slow.

There are some issues that I didn’t bother to fix, like SSAO looks like it’s wrong,
but it isn’t it’s just the Sponza asset that has wrong normals (for some reason I
used the smooth function on it in Blender…).
Most of the GUI elements are also broken, they did work some time ago though.
I do recommend learning from the shaders, however the CPU side is really old in some
places, but there are some clever things there too. The general problem with it is
that the architecture is just really bad, and I also hardcoded a lot of things (I know).

here’s the code:


Of course if you see your stuff mentioned in the readme file, then big thanks to you!